Michał 'Doctor' PawełczykWebdesigner/Webdeveloper

Żuławska Kolej Dojazdowa

A new WordPress-powered website for a narrow gauge railway in northern Poland. The objective was to create an easy to use site presenting the most important information for tourists using the railway as well as more historical and technical background. Ease of use and accessibility were the key factors, so it was quite obvious that the site has to be accessible from any device the potential user (which most often is a tourist spending their vacation time nearby) may come up with. That definitely implies responsive design.

The site features commentable news, contact form, order form (the client is able to charter a train for their trip) and some typical pages with quite much information about the railway’s services, ticket prices and so on. Apart from that the project includes a page with a huge Google map holding markers related to stations, tourist attractions and other POIs. The site also includes a custom-built event calendar for presenting a date-related content. All of this is – no surprise – editable from the WP admin panel. For more flexibility, each page or post can have a different sidebar and a header image. This site’s custom theme also has some specially tailored widgets like a list of posts in a specified category or the event calendar. Everything spiced up by nice, large photos.

Designed by the fabulous Anna Pawełczyk